Water Features

Water Features, Thousand Oaks, CA Landscape water features add an entirely different element to the overall design of your home or commercial property. Water features like fountains, ponds and water cascades have been a part of landscape design for several hundred years now. Even old mansions and castles have a water feature of some kind in their backyard or gardens. The sound of flowing water can create a different environment in your backyard.

Many of our clients here in Thousand Oaks as well as the nearby suburbs of Westlake Village, Moorpark, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley & Calabasas have installed a water feature of some kind or the other in their lawns and gardens. Even a small feature can make a big difference and add a whole new design element to your property.

At Cornett Masonry, we’ve seen our clients in Malibu, Camarillo, Hidden Hills, Woodland Hills, Newbury Park and Oak Park experiment with new and unique designs, adding drama or sophistication to their backyard. There are several different kinds of water features you can install in your landscape.


Fountains are perhaps the best water feature for a garden. It can be a centerpiece, drawing your attention and anchoring your entire design concept. Depending on the type of fountain you use, you can define the design of your outdoor space.

  • Traditional Fountains: These fountains add an old-world charm to your property. Traditional fountains have small sculptures carved into them as well. These structures are usually tiered and tend to look grand and elegant. These fountains are great as centerpieces rather than discreet features tucked in a corner or along a path.

  • Modern Fountains: Modern designs are different and eclectic. You can install pondless or disappearing water fountains which add a level of intrigue to your overall design. Many homeowners install these discreet fountains in their backyards because they love the subtle effect it has on the environment. Modern fountains also have a cleaner, sharper and more urbane look. The designs are less ornate and more restrained, giving your property a sophisticated look.

  • Ponds - Some of our clients have installed ponds in their backyards. They have an entirely different allure, adding serenity and peace to your environment. Relaxing by the pond is like stepping away from the concrete jungle and finding an oasis.

    You can recreate a miniature ecosystem in your backyard, adding fish, different plants and proper lighting. Ponds have become very popular features and some homeowners add waterfalls or cascades to their ponds to introduce the soothing sound of moving water.

    Japanese koi ponds have become very popular. A number of people are hypnotized by the serene movements of the beautiful koi fish and love the vibrant design element they add to their backyard.

  • Waterfalls and Streams - For people who don’t have space for ponds, waterfalls or streams can do the trick. Rock water features can lend a more rugged and natural look to your landscape. The sounds of flowing water create a very serene environment in your home.

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